Ancient greek dating

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Ropes, ladders and nets were used to transport people and material up the steep slopes to complete the archeological marvels.

The iconic Philippeion is one of the many jaw-dropping sites you will see while wandering the tree-shaded ruins of the Altis of Olympia.

The best way to get the most out of your visit is to actually race in the stadium like the athletes used to do and feel the vibes!

Messenia became part of independent Greece as a result of the Greek War of Independence (1821-1832).

A small piece of stone, just 3.6 centimetres (1.4 inches) in length, encrusted in a layer of limestone.

Found in a 3,500 year-old Bronze Age Warrior's Tomb in Pylos in Greece, it was set aside for more exciting treasure - but turned out to be the most stunning piece of the archaeological plunder.

Combined with the stylised features, that itself is just extraordinary." Experts think it must have been engraved under a magnifying glass, even though so far archaeologists have not found any magnifying devices dating back to that time.On the flatlands of the Acropolis lies the Ancient Agora, or marketplace.The agora was the center of ancient Athens culture.Knossos is the most representative relic of the Minoan civilization which flourished on Greece's largest island.Legend has it that this palace was the source of the Labyrinth myth. While most Greek columns are smaller at the top and wider at the bottom, the Minoan columns are the opposite.

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