And rich woman dating disabled dating web sites

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She's able to put her two children in a private school, as well as give her daughter ballet lessons.She has time to attend all of her children's events.As Ginie became a young adult, she entered beauty pageants, wrote a book on how to win pageants, and got a college degree.But she also struggled as a young single mother who was completely broke and on welfare!"Because I now have my own money, I have never remarried, preferring to stay single and enjoy the company of men on a less committed basis.As my mother says, "Now you're too rich to marry!!!"Forget this gold digger stuff; raise your standards!'Rich' for you can be a house with a picket fence or an estate, as she points out.

Rick makes her feel like she can finally relax and not worry about making ends meet.

I met many wealthy men who wanted to marry me but as it turned out, I didn't want to marry them!

"All this made me realize that what I really wanted was to be rich myself, not just marry a rich man and be dependent on his money (and therefore under his control).

Ginie literally wrote the book on How To Marry the Rich, and she has travelled the world for years teaching her seminar in person.

However, this seminar has been unavailable for a decade.

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