Atlanta housewife sheree dating

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“Sheree is skeptical because she doesn’t want the push back that former star Phaedra Parks got for being romantically linked to a felon.” “Additionally, in the trailer they edited audio of the federal correctional facility greeting over footage of her taking a phone call making her feel like the producers have some back door plot to exploit her relationship for ratings,” the insider concluded.Whitfield, 47, previously denied that she was engaged to Gilliams and insisted to Andy Cohen that they were just “friends” in December.After downloading to the two women in charge of One on One Matchmaking, she gave them a house tour.Included in the house tour were a little boy’s room and a little girl’s room – oh, and a playground.

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Her son said he was surprised because she had never mentioned it.Make Love Not War Sheree and Porsha also happened to chat about the weird glitch between Cynthia and Kenya – and how strange it was that Cynthia found out that her bestie had gotten married by reading it online.Meanwhile, Cynthia took the opportunity to tell Kenya that she wanted to meet Marc and that she was angry that she hadn’t met him yet. Cynthia then shifted the conversation to Sheree’s relationship with Tyrone Gilliams, the guy who is in jail.Apparently, even though their marriage had ended, she is still a 25 percent owner.Peter estimated that the space would be open in four months – though Cynthia was pretty skeptical considering the space was still basically a concrete hole.

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