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The unfortunate thing that I’ve seen around here is they’ve come back with a convincing tale, tell you what you want to hear – only to turn around and dump you again.

That’s probably why my aforementioned friend, said that it’s easier sometimes to just start over with someone new – without all the history, baggage and issues.

It’s almost like they have 6th sense, and decide just then to make contact again, and throw some confusion into your healing process…! They spend hours talking to their family and friends. Quite simply they try to find meaning where often there is none. God forbid you actually have another relationship with someone who is not them. If it’s the last one and you’re considering re-igniting the flame, do proceed with caution.

Well, sometimes there is and sometimes there’s not. It is not always easy to tell if an ex’s motives for coming back to us is genuine or just ego-related.

You know that you have all the responsibility of bringing up your children on your own, but you should be able to get a greater kick out of the joys of parenting too.

Yet no matter how you feel about being a single parent, it shouldn’t mean that you have to stay on your own.

Often as tempting as it is at the time, it’s often no really best to reconcile, in the long run…If you’re starting to get life back on track after a breakup, why not continue to heal more?

Apply the “wait and see” principle, and if your ex then make him or or her wait a bit.

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That they’ve really done some personal exploration and realised what it is they want and that it’s you.), and many times I’ve seen people reconcile when the original reason still remains.Nothing has actually changed, the issues are there, the healing and self work hasn’t been done…They got weak, they missed each other, they missed the SEX, so they blow past the all too familiar “warning signs”, led by chemistry and emotion, and jump back in – only to realise a bit further on down the road – nothing’s changed.An outstanding example of a relationship site is PARSHIP, with its matching based on a scientific compatibility test, which draws on more than 30 years of scientific research.Online Magazine Today in Ireland, there are 1.2 million singles.

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