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The British Embassy’s response was to contact the Iraqi Interior Ministry and make a formal request for the men’s release.They might as well have sent a postcard for all the good it would do.They moved in, rifles readied, and motioned the occupants out of their car.The hands of the SAS men reached for hidden weapons.Captured by insurgents, banged up in a cell and physically beaten, they were under threat of summary execution.

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Shots rang out from both sides in a firefight that resulted in one policeman being killed and three more being wounded.But then the quiet was shattered by dozens of mobile phones ringing.Nearly 3,000 miles away in hot, dusty Southern Iraq, two of their own were in desperate trouble.There was every chance, it seemed, that the new graveyard would soon be getting its first occupants.What was particularly frustrating was that a situation like this was meat and drink to the honed and highly motivated men of the special forces.

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