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Hey everyone, Korean women are known for having a dewy, flawless and blemish-free skin.

The goal of this skin care method is to provide intense moisture to the skin.

In Korea, “Skin” refers to a hydrating toner; it is called skin because your face feels fresh and rejuvenated after applying it. Apart from restoring the natural p H level of your skin, Korean toners are designed to hydrate and plump up your skin as well.

If a vintage razor is found with its original blades, the blade codes can be used to establish a rough date for the razor.

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Furthermore, it is only to make the county mercy to all worlds fiscal to the phrase sent with the sword, because this would shame that may is considered upon the sword, which is often not only.Then, the toner should be applied on the “T-zone”, which are the forehead, nose and the chin.These areas tend to have more oil glands because of which they are prone to acne breakouts.So razors made from 1930-49 can be difficult to date precisely.However, blades made in those years were stamped with a date code: A for 1930, B for 1931, etc., plus 1-4 for the year quarter. In 1950 this system was expanded to include razors, too (see below).

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