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I’m drawn to girly girls, you know, the kind of woman who likes to look nice on dates, wears makeup, maybe hangs out in jeans or yoga pants but is feminine and cares about her appearance.

I’m fit, work out a lot, my friends say I’m funny, I have a good job, I’m an extrovert — and I want to find a nice woman I can see myself with.

Since my friends have gotten married and started settling down, I feel like I am being left behind. My friends tell me I’m a great catch, and they are sure the right woman is out there somewhere. Hi LB, I’m sorry you feel like you can’t find anyone. Were the girls you dated in the past fundamentally different from the women you’re interested in now? Are you really looking for the same thing now as you were back then, cause it’s a lot easier to find a hot chick for something fun than The One For The Rest of Your Life (if that’s even what you’re looking for, and if there even is a One)?

You say you had no problem finding lesbian dates in the past, so I have to wonder what’s changed for you. Did you look past all kinds of red flags back then, cause you were just having fun?

If you're constantly being hassled for it, sex is often the last thing you want to watch or read about.

Low libido people often avert their eyes when they see nudity, a sexy scene on telly or in the movies or flip the page if they hit a story in the newspapers or glossies.

It may feel scary to change, but you know how awful it feels to be where you are, and change is the only way you’ll get a different result.

Don't be ashamed of your fantasies and refuse to feel guilty if having sex with someone other than your partner is one of them.

It sounds like you have some loyal, supportive friends, so lean on them while you work through this.

If sex is boring, it's no wonder you're not desperate to dive into bed!

The more you mix up what you do, the higher the interest.

Being unfaithful in reality isn't on but it's OK to do it in your head. One survey found around 75% of us do it to keep sex fresh.

If you don't want intercourse, what about oral sex?

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