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Douglas Waterton was a radio operator involved in the reception of illegal news and messages from outside. Shields took out two top teeth as an excuse for an upper denture; he made the vulcanised plate deeper than usual so it could include a sliding panel covering a recess where the paper could be secreted.Shields told the reporter that he feared that if the hiding place was discovered, the trail would lead back to him, so he must have been terrified when on July 7th, 1943 Waterton was arrested.Pages on the left cover the books that have spun off from this project, and a listing of each and every member of the Garrison. I don’t know why, but I do at least 75% of my research and writing work from autumn to spring.So it’s time to finally get a proper grip on BAAG and everything else that sprang from Hong Kong’s escapees and evaders.

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I may well have to carve sub-subjects out for future papers for the Royal Asiatic Society.

Forest officials, who had rescued the animal from a 25-foot-deep well on Monday, now fear for its safety.

The pachyderm is hiding in a guava orchard at Nawadih village and angry residents allege that it is destroying their winter crop.

I left the office this afternoon and went to the Pullman Park Lane Hotel to pick up visitors from the Parliament of Canada’s Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Development, and accompany them to the Sai Wan War Cemetery.

They were an interesting bunch, and while walking down to the Canadian graves with them I saw that the grave of Colonel Pigdon, RAMC (an Australian captured in Singapore and transferred to Mukden) had been decorated with some little inscribed crosses from Epping North Public School (in New South Wales), St Mary’s, and one more that I couldn’t read, each saying ‘Their Spirit Our Pride 2014-2018’ thus looking more like a Great War memorial.

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