Validating the organizational vision mission and values statements

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Meetings are an important part of a successful work environment.Without meetings, everyone would not be able to have the same common goal or work out important issues.Gaining the trust of those you supervise is vital to your success.Trust may take some time and effort to earn, but it can be destroyed in an instant by careless or thoughtless actions.This course is designed to help the supervisor gain, maintain, and if necessary rebuild the level of trust within his or her team. Any type of change upsets the established "norm" and creates an adjustment period for those involved. As a leader, if you want to facilitate change in your area, having a vision for change is not enough. This course will give you strategies to help you implement, manage, and sustain change within your area.After completing this course, you will be able to explain the basic principles of change management, determine strategies for implementing change initiatives, apply change management strategies to sustain change initiatives, and utilize the principles of change management to facilitate change initiatives.Meetings, if not handled correctly, can quickly bring a group to chaos or be a complete waste of time.However, when conducted the proper way, meetings can be the key component in effectively communicating with your group and can motivate them to perform better.

This course provides you with a basic understanding of conflict management.Whether you are facilitating a class or just training a new employee, considering the needs of your learner is crucial to the success of both you, as the trainer, and the learner.This course explains the basic principles of adult learning and offers practical tips for meeting the needs of those you may be training.This course discusses strategies for effective communication within the chain of command.After you complete this course, you will be able to: Explain the advantages and disadvantages of Vertical Communication, Apply strategies for effectively communicating information to subordinates, Apply strategies for effectively receiving information from supervisors, Customize information for specific audiences by adapting your communication style.

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