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Now enshrined in the authenticating realm of the dictionaries’ online catalogue, these words unfairly represent what can only be described as this generation’s feeble etymological contribution to the English language.I, for one, can only hope that my generation is not remembered for being responsible for removing all the vowels from ‘seriously’.If they are even to remotely reflect that this is how the young generation speaks, then the dictionary needs a reality check.Words like twerking, unlike and selfie are nothing more than slang which, just like any fashion trend, come and go.These recent additions to the dictionary certainly do us no favours.

Be alert for affirmations that you have a strong reaction to. You can shuffle the positive affirmation cards by pressing the shuffle link, then simply choose an affirmation card by clicking on it. It's amazing how often "just the right" affirmation comes to just the right person. One online user wrote “no wonder there is so much youth unemployment”; whilst another tweeted “it’s over. To reiterate, I had no idea what twerking involved before all of this kicked off, and I'm still not entirely sure either. Some young Twitter users have expressed their rejection of the new words, with one young follower tweeting “what has the world come to?” While it’s important to keep up with language developments, these words give out the completely wrong impression.

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