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1860s women's dress featured tight bodices with high necks and buttoned fronts.

White lace was popular for collars and cuffs, as were low sloping shoulders that flared out into wide sleeves.

Fashions, therefore, did not change much during the first three decades of the 1870s.

However, the availability of the sewing machine in the United States and the success of fabric makers in the U. allowed Americans to keep up with trends and provided an increase in readymade clothing for women.

Colorful antique fashion prints show 19th century clothing from the Victorian period.

Victorian clothing is featured in photographs, prints, and articles - everything to help dress the part of the elegant Victorian lady, gentleman, or child.They also wore tight trousers and waistcoats, with high upstanding collars and neckties tied around them. Tiered cape-jackets were fashionable, as were paisley patterned shawls.Deep bonnets were worn and hair was swept into buns or side coils from a centre parting.High fastening and tight fitting frock coats were also very fashionable; though a new style called the sack coat (a thigh-length, loosely fitted jacket) became popular.The bowler hat was invented around 1850, but was generally seen as a working class hat, while top-hats were favoured by the upper classes.

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